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Creative Photography Portfolio


Creative Assignment #4: A Blizzard in Spring with a 50mm

I never have enjoyed flower photography much because I feel like it is over done. I did however enjoy playing around with the 50mm, and I feel the snow showed flowers in different ways. It allowed their color to contrast against the white and they looked crystallized in the ice. The low aperture of the lens gave a beautiful soft background that has movement. Its not everyday someone gets to see flowers AND snow at the same time. I’m glad I got to capture some images!

Creative Photography Assingment #1: Self Portrait

For my creative self portrait I decided to explore the two different sides of my face. One would think their face is symmetrical, but in reality they look different. Specifically mine. The right side of my face(with the nose stud) is softer; while the left is edgier and a bit more serious.